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How do you know when you are successful?

Before we can ever BE successful, first we have to define WHAT success means to us. The term success is one of those elusive terms that, have a variety of values for each individual. I believe we can all agree that the meaning is a generality of "being where we WANT to be, in life, but that is where the meaning ends, and interpenetration begins. What we WANT, is the goal; therefore our first step in being successful is to figure out WHAT we want to accomplish. What does our ideal life look like?

Also, I think it is important to point out - that success is about fulfillment. Lots of times we think only monetary or career when we talk about success. But real success is feeling fulfilled in every aspect of our lives. It doesn't serve us, to make tons of money just to have our bodies and relationships fall apart.

 If we don't define our destination, then we don't recognize it, once we arrive.

The average person never takes the time to define what success means for them. Therefore they fall into the trap of trying to make each year better than the last, and never feeling like they have achieved anything, Or worse yet, feeling like a failure.

For many, success is reaching a certain position at work, or having x amount of money in the bank or maybe even being able to put their kids through college.

If we don't spend a few minutes looking at a long term picture of what we want out of this lifetime, then the chances are, we are never going to get it. We simply wander around aimlessly in DEFENSE mode vs. OFFENSE mode. It's like driving our car around town, aimlessly , and just ending up lost.

The first step in being successful is figuring out what being successful, means to you. So TODAY take a few minutes and physically write out your list and put it somewhere, you will see it often; this will help trigger the subconscious to keep you moving in that direction. It will also help you recognize situations that aren't right for you, and it will help you recognize opportunities that you otherwise, might not have noticed. 

Everyone's will be different; there isn't a right or wrong. For some, they won't feel like they have arrived unless they have millions in the bank, for others they feel successful just waking up in the morning.

​Make sure you focus on the destination and not the "how" your subconscious is like a GPS and knows way more routes than you can imagine. Focus on "WHAT" you want, and only take opportunities that are going to help you meet your end goal. For instance, if your idea of success is to have a life work balance and spend time with your family, and you are offered a new job that requires you to work 100 hrs a week and be out of town, then that doesn't fit your idea of success- so don't take it.

Here are some examples, just to help you brainstorm some of your own. You will want some in all categories, such as emotional, financial, physical, etc..

I will know that I am successful when, I can live anywhere I want, in any house or location I choose.

When I have total freedom to take off for a vacation, whenever and wherever I choose, for however long I want to be gone.

When my passive income far exceeds my monthly expenses.

When all of my relations with friends and family are harmonious.

When I am happy in my marriage.

When I am happy with my body and weight. 

When I have the freedom to wake up and go to bed whenever I want.

Whenever I have a career that I am passionate about., work the hours that I choose, wear what I want and can work from anywhere.

When I am in a position to donate time and resources, and feel like I am contributing to society.

When I feel like the work that I do, enriches the lives of others.

When I have the time to pursue hobbies that I am interested in.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started. Take the time RIGHT NOW to write down yours. This is the first step in living a fulfilling life.

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