We all need vitamins and supplements

To have optimum health, we all need vitamins and supplements. We live in a very toxic world, and most of us are unknowingly eating " food like substances" rather than real food. Even if we do eat a proper diet, it is dang near impossible to get all the nutrition we need just from food because our fruits and vegetables these days are grown in depleted soil or greenhouses, picked green and shipped half way around the world, left to ripen up in transit. Not to mention that half of our food in genetically modified, and when we don't eat organic we are getting meats and dairy that are filled with antibiotics and hormones and our fruits and vegetables are covered in pesticides and wax. This all takes an enormous toll on our guts and most of us whether we realize it or not, have gut issues, which keep us from being able to absorb all of the nutrition from our foods. This leaves us overfed but undernourished. To bring the body into balance, we must give it the nutrition it needs to heal itself.

Vitamins and supplements are not created equal there is a huge difference in Natural vs synthetic!

When it comes to vitamins and supplements, they are not all created equal, just like everything else quality matters. The most important thing is to get vitamins that are food based. Vitamins that are made from food, they should say. There are a lot of supplements that are synthetic; these cause more harm than good. Chemicals and fake food are what is causing the problem to begin with so taking a synthetic vitamin are like pouring gas onto the fire, and our body doesn't recognize it, so it can't utilize it, we end up just wasting our money and putting more stress on the body. I am going to share with you the most important supplements to take as well as the best brands that I have found.

Supplements that every  body needs.

Now depending on personal health conditions, you may require additional herbs and supplements but these supplements here are the basics that we all need and go a very long way towards getting us to optimum health.

1. We all need a quality multivitamin. I take Zeal for life because it is food based, high quality and comes in a powder that gets mixed with water and tastes good. You have to have a membership to get it, or sometimes you can find it on eBay. Juice Plus is also a good one as well as Synergy for her and Synergy for him.

2. We all need a fish oil supplement. The most superior by far is Green pastures BLUE ICE Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend Gel mixed with Green Pasture Blue Ice Skate Liver Oil. This also comes in capsules but you get way more bang for the buck getting it in a liquid. I take both of these bottles and then add them to some melted coconut oil , mix it up good and keep it in the fridge and then mix it into my protein shakes in the morning. Next best thing is Nordick Naturals 

3. We all need a magnesium supplement. Over 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium, and it is hard to get the amount that we need from taking a supplement you can read more about that here. I prefer this ionic liquid magnesium;it has made a huge difference for my husband and me.

4. We all need a full spectrum of B vitamins. It is extremely important to get a good quality b vitamin - if you take b vitamins and your pee turns a fluorescent yellow then that means that your body isn't absorbing them. Here is the best I have found.

5. We all need an adaptogen.  We all live in a fast- paced world, and our bodies are under a lot of stress. An adaptogen is a herb that lowers our stress levels and helps lower our cortisol levels. There are several different kinds of adaptogens and each work in a variety of ways and work on various parts of the body. Rhodiola Rosea is one of my favorites it is like a natural anti- depressant/ anxiety pill without any side effects; Ashwagandha  is also really good and a lot of people prefer taking a blend.

6. We all need a good probiotic. Bar none the very best is VSL3 with my second choices being  Prescript-Assist Probiotic and saccharomyces boulardii

       Always get whole food vitamins, nothing synthetic.

I will give you a list of my go-to brands in supplements. You will still want to make sure that it says that it is from a natural source, a good rule of thumb is, if it from a quality source then it is usually stated on the bottle , because they are proud of it and if it doesn't' say that it is a natural form then it usually isn't.

The quality of vitamins and minerals is more important than that of herbs, don't get me wrong there is still a difference in the quality of herbs, such as where it was grown, what part of the plant is being used and whether or not it is organic. With that being said, I have not found there to be a huge difference in the quality of single herbs, all though there is a significant difference in blends, blending of herbs is an art, and some formulas work better than others. If you are having serious issues, I suggest going to an acupuncturist who also specializes in herbs. Most of the time as long as you stay with a mainstream supplier of herbs then you should be okay. It is the vitamins and minerals that are made in a synthetic form such a vitamin, E, C, A, B, zinc, etc.

Vitamin A needs to be in the form of retinol. This is the best  form  and the only one the body can readily absorb. This helps with eyes sight and night blindness remineralizes our teeth and bones and gives us pretty skin. If you are taking the Green Pastures cod liver oil as suggested above then you are getting plenty of vitamin A. You can read more about cod liver oil and vitamin A here.

B vitamins have several components, All of these b vitamins are crucial to our health and most b vitamins on the market are synthetic . By far the best b complex on the market is  Max B-ND this is a full spectrum of all natural b vitamins and comes in a liquid form for ultimate absorption.

B1 - thiamine

Thiamin Cocarboxylate

B2 riboflavin

Riboflavin 5 phosphate

B 3 niacin

Vitamin B3 as niacinamide

B5 pantothenic acid




B7 biotin

D-biotin form




 B9 Folic acid

Folinic Acid


Vitamin C needs to come from a " whole food" ascorbic acid is not vitamin C that is synthetic.  The best sources of Vitamin C come from Camu, berrie , rosehips, etc. Here are some good choices for natural vitamin C. If you took my suggestion above for either zeal for life or Synergy multivitamin then you should be getting all of the natural vitamin C that you need.

Vitamin E look for mixed tocopherols and mixed tocotrienols will be listed  as d-alpha tocopherol, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, or d-alpha tocopheryl succinate. Again if you're taking a quality multivitamin you shouldn't need to supplement additional vitamin E,  but I am listing some of these here so that if you are searching for a quality multivitamin, you will know what to look for.

Zinc is something that many will have to supplement with even if they do take a multivitamin, many people are deficient in this. Symptoms include , low immunity, thinning of the skin - easily bruises or cuts and takes a while to heal, thinning hair as well as ridges or white spots on the nails. Best forms of zinc are zinc picolinate if you are going to take a pill form. My preference for zinc is in a liquid ionic form,

            Brands that tend to be good quality

       You still want to read the labels! But here are some of my go to brands that tend to be Great quality.

Life extension is a great place to find quality supplements. They are huge into research and  if you go to their website and sign up for their newsletter, then once a month or so they mail you a really nice quality newsletter with the latest news in nutrition and health discoveries. 

I buy most of my supplements on Amazon just because they have an enormous selection and for the most part they have better prices, it's convenient and I appreciate the reviews. Here are my go to brands in no particular order. 

Good state - particularly their liquid ionic forms.

Synergy all of their products are great quality, organic and made from whole food.

Premier Research Labs


Douglas Laboratories

Gaia Herbs

Banyan Botanicals



I hope this helps. If you have any questions you can contact me through the ask Amiee link.

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