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          Colon Cleanse

Our health starts in our gut. Most of us unknowingly have unhealthy guts because of eating processed food, gluten, vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticide and general toxic overload. Our intestines are 25 ft long! A lot of cruds can get built up over the years. I had read that John Wayne had over 20 lbs of built up crud in his intestines when he passed away. There are tons of people who post pictures of rubbery crazy looking stuff coming out of their bodies when doing a colon cleanse. I know it is gross and nasty, but it is the reality.

Another reality is parasites.


There are tons of people walking around with parasites and don't even know it. You can easily pick them up from eating pork that hasn't been fully cooked, sushi, traveling or eating at restaurants where the cook didn't properly wash their hands. It is important to do a parasite/ colon cleanse once a year.

                               Best colon cleanse

I recommend Dr. Natura Colonix program. It is by far the best I have found. This is a colon cleanse, liver cleanses and gets rid of parasites at the same time. It is extremely effective but it does not have you running to the bathroom nor do you have to worry about staying close to home or a restroom. It comes with some herbal pills, a fiber that also has herbs mixed in, you mix with liquid and drink ( taste like banana) and an herbal tea that you drink at night. For best results, you do this for a total of 60 days or 90 days if after 60 days you still have crazy stuff coming out of your body. You do the cleanse for 30 days then break for a week and then go back on for another 30 days.  It is very common for people to lose 10-15 lbs just from doing this colon cleanse.

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