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When our Hormones are out of balance we can feel like a crazy person.

Women have always been teased about being hormonal, and to some extent, hormonal changes are just part of being a woman. First, we have puberty, and monthly we have PMS which is a change in hormones and then in our 30's we start going through Peri-menopause and then around 50 we hit full blown menopause. However, there is a difference between hormonal changes and hormonal imbalance. Hormonal changes are natural and are internal, and hormonal imbalances are due to our environment and are external causes.

What happens if hormonal imbalance goes untreated?

If hormonal imbalance goes untreated, it can cause serious problems such as cancer, osteoporosis, and obesity. Let alone the fact that it robs you of your full potential and ability to become the best version of you!

What causes our hormones to get out of whack?

Well what we eat and drink, medications, environmental toxins, stress, not drinking the amount of water we need. Having an unhealthy gut, having vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.

                Symptoms Of Hormonal imbalance

Low Progesterone

Low libido problems achieving climax

Migraine headaches

problems with mensuration, spotting between periods, heavy blood flow

anxiety, feeling worried and anxious, depressed, weepie

problems sleeping, mind races, insomnia

weight gain, problems loosing weight

infertility, miscarriage

puffy and bloated

tender breast

feels like constant pms

Low Estrogen

Dry eyes dry skin

vaginal dryness

weight gain

extreme depression or fatigue

Painful intercourse

Hot Flashes


irregular mensuration

mood swings

reoccurring bladder infections

Estrogen dominance

Hair loss or thinning of the hair especially on the top of the head

feelings of rage

weight gain and trouble loosing weight

mood swings

decreased sex drive

premenstrual headaches

severe pms

Fibrocystic breasts

Uterine fibroid tumors


Polycystic ovary syndrome

High Cortisol

extreme fatigue

nausea, heartburn, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, or constipation

backaches and headaches

You’re gaining weight, especially around your abdomen, even when you eat well and exercise

You crave unhealthy foods,especially carbs

jitters, nervous stomach, feelings of panic, even paranoia

High blood pressure

increased urination

excessive thirst

puffy face

low sex drive

Low testosterone

no energy

no sex drive

inability to climax

no zest for life

loss of muscle tone

brain fog


Also read here about thyroid imbalance.

                                    How to fix hormonal imbalance

 Step 1. Well for starters  you need to go to the Doctor and get your blood work done to see what is out of balance and you need a Doctor who specialized in HRT who uses bio-identical hormone therapy, these are hormones that are natural and identical to your natural hormones, you don't want to use anything synthetic because those can cause more harm.

Step 2. We also need to make lifestyle changes that are causing the issues. It is very important to eat organic as much as possible. The food industry pumps chickens and cattle full of hormones, and antibiotics to make them grow faster - then we eat these foods and fill our bodies with excess hormones and it reeks havoc with our own hormones, this is a big part of the problem. We also need to eat organic fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables that are mass produced, grown in a greenhouse or picked green and left to ripen up in shipment do not provide us with the nutrients we need and are also sprayed with pesticides that we eat and then that messes up our gut, not to mention that most of them are GMO, genetically modified. Yes, organic is more expensive, but you and your family's health is worth it!

Step 3. We need to eliminate as many chemicals from our lives as possible. This includes household cleaners, switch to all natural cleaners like Mrs. Myers or Seventh Generation.  Remove fragrance plugins and fragrance candles,  these are highly toxic! Replace them with a warmer and use amber resin or a diffuser with essential oils, not only does it leave your house smelling wonderful they also provide incredible  health benefits. Filter the water that you shower in. Read why here.

Step 4. Drink 8 glasses of Alkaline water a day.

Step 5 Eat whole foods. Nothing that is pre- packaged, comes in a box, or is pre- made and cut out all gluten. Add in plenty of healthy fats, like avocados, coconut oil,  and real butter like Kerrygold.

Step 6.  Get 30 minutes of exercise or more a day as well as 30 minutes or more of fresh air and sunshine.

Step7   Feed your body with supplements.

a.   Everyone needs a multivitamin, but make sure that is of high quality. Synthetic vitamins can cause more harm than good. You want a whole food vitamin. I take Zeal for Life because it comes in a powder form and I can drink it and add my other liquid supplements to it. You have to have a membership to order it or sometimes you can find it on eBay. Juice Plus is also a good one as well as Synergy which you can get on Amazon.

b. Magnesium is critical for healthy hormones and lacking this essential nutrient is another significant cause for our for all sorts of issues. You can read more about the importance of magnesium here, my favorite magnesium supplement is Ionic Magnesium.

c. Adaptogens that help us deal with stress are also very important . We live in a very hectic and fast- paced world, and it puts our body's under a lot of stress which raises our cortisol levels. High cortisol levels make us gain weight around the middle and throws the rest of our hormones like thyroid out of balance and also causes adrenal fatigue. One of my favorites is Rhodiola Rosea it is like a natural anti -depressant/ anxiety pill without any side effects. Another really good one is Ashwagandha. Each adaptogen helps in a different way, so  I also like taking a blend.

d. B vitamins are vital to a healthy thyroid and deficiency in b vitamins, and a problem thyroid tends to go hand in hand. Again I can't stress enough the importance of QUALITY supplements. If you take a B complex vitamin and your pee is bright yellow, afterwards that means that your body isn't absorbing it. Good quality vitamins are more expensive, but it's better than pissing your money away on crappy vitamins - no pun intended . Also if you buy quality vitamins, you don't need to take as much or as many. Here is by far the best quality b complex I have found.

e. Fish oil is also extremely important for a healthy thyroid as well as good health in general. By far the most superior is Green Pasture's Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend. I take this and mix it with the skate liver oil and some coconut oil and then mix it in with my protein shakes. You can also get this in capsules, but you get way more bang for the buck getting it in liquid form. Another good fish oil supplement is Nordic Naturals.

f. Probiotics- we all need probiotics. Gut health is crucial and plays a huge role in our overall health. In fact, our guts being out of whack is what leads to being deficient in a lot of other nutrients because we aren't absorbing our nutrients as well as we should. Making kombucha tea, water kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt and other fermented foods go a long way in healing our gut. Also filtering the water that we shower in goes a long way in helping our gut health. As far as probiotic supplements go, by far the most superior is VSL3. With my second choice being Jarrow Formulas Saccharomyces Boulardii.

g.  DHEA is a "mother hormone" that all other hormones are made from and begins to decline in our 20's.  Boron helps balance all hormones. Bee Pollen is also known to help balance hormones.

​All of these supplements, not only will they help support the thyroid function, but they will also go a long way in balancing the entire body.

​                Supplements that are specific to hormonal imbalance

If you have already done all of the steps above and are still having hormonal issues, I strongly advise you to seek out a medical professional who specializes in HRT with bio-identical hormones. Hormones are not something to play with, and just a little too much or a little to little and we are out of balance. However if for some reason you simply can not go to the Doctor here are some supplements that can help. 

Dim Plus - this helps with estrogen dominance and blocks fake estrogens that we get from eating and drinking from plastics and from food we eat. This helps men as well as Women.

Progesterone cream.  To be used for low progesterone.

ProEstro Estrogen for low estrogen.

Here is a source for testosterone cream.  Maca root is also known to increase testosteroneone production.

If you are having a problem with Low libido or problems reaching climax Lubedia can help. It is several different herbs that increase sex drive as well as increase blood flow in the lower regions.

                             Here are some of my references as well as books I recommend

estrogen dominence


hormone balance made simple




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