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I love to shop!

I love to shop! However fighting traffic to get to a store, then having to find a parking spot out in the middle of nowhere or in a claustrophobic parking garage, then having to walk to the store, go up and down the isle, while breathing in their over the top toxic fragrances ( that give me an awful headache) hearing kids screaming, awful music playing and dealing with crowds just to  finally find what I want, then have to go stand in line to pay for it, then lug it out to the car and fight traffic to get back home is just so old school and so not my style.

I shop online because it is more convenient, I have a better selection and it saves me money. Not to mention I can do it in my PJ's while having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. 

1. I love shopping online because I have a wider selection. I can find more unique things online because I can find things that are made all around the world. I find that when I go into local shops, it's just the same thing over and over - even if I change stores it's still the same kind of merchandise. 

2. I get much better prices! I save tons of money shopping online- there have been many times that I have been in a store getting ready to purchase an item and then pull it up on my phone and find it much cheaper online. The online stores don't have the overhead that a brick and motor store has so they can pass the savings on to the consumers.

3. I like being able to read the reviews. If I am trying to decide which vacuum cleaner or which food processor to get - I find the reviews extremely helpful.

4. Most places I shop, offer free returns and or free shipping and the package comes with a return shipping label- so if I don't like it I can take it to my little mail center 1/2 a mile down the road and drop it off with no problems, no questions asked. Much better than having to drive to a store, park and stand in line, wait for a manager, etc..

5. I do tons of shopping on Amazon and have a prime membership- at most I am going to wait two days for my package to arrive ( they even deliver on Sunday) but many things I get the same day! I can notice that I am running low on coffee in the morning go online place my order for coffee and have it later that afternoon. That's faster than I would get it if I got dressed and went to the store lol

I am going to share with you some of my favorite places to shop. I love to shop, but I like good quality, and I want the most bang for the buck, so I will share with you the places that provide that.

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