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Step 1

On the journey to good health. Our first step is to remove, as much of what is causing the problem as we can.  This includes anything in our home that has chemicals. Cleaners that we use, lotions, personal care products and makeup that we put on our bodies as well as candles and plug- ins.

Replace your toxic household cleaners with all natural cleaners. Make you own or try Mrs. Myers or seventh generation. Exchange your toxic candles and plug- ins with a diffuser and essential oils. Not only do the smell great but they have many healing properties.  Exchange your toxic body care products for all natural skin care products. And replace your toxic  makeup for healthy makeup.

 Here are some books I recommend.  You need to educate yourself, as if your life depends on it, because it does!

Toxic body


the hundred year life


slow death by rubber duck


Switch to all natural organic body care. Or make your own. Your body absorbs whatever you put on your skin.

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