natural remedy for ear infection

Natural Remedy for ear infection

This saved me many trips to the Doctor when my children were little. In fact I still keep this mixed up and in my medicine cabinet today for the Grand kids.

Items needed

Dropper bottle

White vinegar

Rubbing alcohol

Mix equal parts of alcohol and white vinegar in the dropper bottle and shake it up good. Then put 10-12 drops in the ear 3-4 times a day, keep the head tilted for a minute or two to allow the medicine to get down in the canal and do its work. The vinegar kills the bacteria and the alcohol dries up excess moisture. You should start feeling relief towards the end of the first day and much better by the second. If no improvement has been made by the second day, then there could be a more serious issue and you should probably go see a Doctor.

Also in conjunction with the alcohol treatment it is good to take 2-3  1/2 teaspoons of  Chyawanprash a day. You will see me recommend this over and over because it's so good at quickly boosting the immune system. I keep this around the house at all times and the minute anyone has any kind of cold, infection or anything coming on, I immediately start them on rounds of  Chyawanprash. I can't begin to tell you how many times, my husband has begin to come down with a cold or flu, and I start him on Chyawanprash, and it gets knocked out before it ever even gets started. It is also easy to take because it taste good, it taste like a spicy apple butter.

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