It is estimated that 80% of Americans are deficient in this extremely important nutrient. Are You? 



Activates over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, and is responsible for thousands of biochemical reactions that are happening on a constant daily basis.

This includes normal processes, such as muscle building, maintaining nerve function, hormone balance and keeping a healthy heartbeat and sustaining optimal immune system function.

Symptoms Of Low Magnesium

Seizures /Epilepsy


cluster Headaches



Type II diabetes

Tight tense muscles


muscle spasm

chronic fatigue

twitches and ticks

Heart Palpitations

Clogged arteries


Involuntary eye movements and vertigo

chest pain



Cardiac arrhythmias

High blood pressure

sleep problems

Impaired muscle coordination

Difficulty swallowing

How did we get in this shape? Well for 1 most of us because of gluten and environmental stresses have gut issues and have problems absorbing nutrients. For 2 we don't eat enough green vegetables and healthy food. For 3 . Even if we eat the right foods, our foods are grown in soil that has been depleted, mass produced and picked green left to ripen up in shipping. Or cultivated in a greenhouse which doesn't offer the same amount of nutrients as it would have had if it would have been grown in our backyard and picked right before eating it.

How to get the optimum level of magnesium that we need

Well, there are nine different types of magnesium. So it isn't as simple as just taking any old magnesium supplement off the shelf. The problem with just taking any kind of magnesium pill is that certain types give you diarrhea, now if you're having problems with constipation then maybe you think that is a good thing but for most of us not only is that an unwelcomed side effect, we still end up not getting the amount that we need. The big problem is that someone may take a magnesium supplement get diarrhea and then think " Hmm well I must not need it" and either cut back or stop taking it all together and that couldn't be further from the truth."

One of the best ways to get the amount of magnesium we need is transdermal, through the skin. Epsom salt is a type of magnesium. If you've ever heard of taking a hot bath with Epsom salt to help with sore muscles, that is exactly what is happening, soaking in a hot tub with magnesium  in it lets the magnesium enter your blood stream ( At the same time. so does chlorine if you aren't filtering your water Click here to see whole house water filtration options. ) and lessens tight soar muscles that are usually a result of low magnesium. Click here to see a better quality and more effective type of magnesiumm to soak in .To soak in a magnesium bath simply fill the tub with warm water and put about 2 cups of the magnesium flakes in. Stir to get them to dissolve.Get it relax and enjoy it. Is best to stay in for at least 20 to 30 min.

A great way to get your magnesium is trans-dermal, to make either a magnesium oil spray or a lotion.

To make the oil

Bring 2 cups of purified water to a boil then remove from stove top

Add 1/4 cup magnesium flakes 

stir until dissolved when cooled add to a spray bottle

you can spray, behind the knees , top of the feet, underside of upper arm for best absorption.

How to make magnesium lotion

take the oil while it is still hot( may need to leave on low heat) and melt in

1 cup of shea butter 

 1 cup cocoa butter 

Once it is all melted add 1 cup of coconut oil 

Once you have all the ingredients ​together ( coconut oil does not have to be melted) mix with a hand mixer or beat real well with a whisk this will make it really creamy once it cools. You can also add  a little vanilla or some essential oils for fragrance. You can get some nice little jars to put this in and it makes a wonderful gift.

Now here is my personal favorite for getting my magnesium.  I will never go without this stuff! It has been a life changer for me. I do tons of driving in heavy traffic. And before taking this my neck and shoulders were always tense and tight, and I would get tension headaches. I would go to the chiropractor once a week as well as get a couple of massages a month, and they would help but was only temporary relief. Within just a few days of taking this, all of that muscle tension went away just from taking one little cap full a day. I Love Love this stuff!

      Here are some of my references as well as books I recommend

magnesium miracle


transdermal magnesium therapy


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