The Importance of Whole House Water Filtration: The Dangers of Chloramine

           What is Chloramine?

Chloramine is a mixture of chlorine and ammonia. Many cities's have started using this to treat the water supply because it is cheaper than using just plain chlorine. Chlorine by itself isn't great, but it was at least easier to get out of the water. Very little, if any research has been done on how chloramine affects us. However growing up, we were always told not to mix bleach and ammonia together - yet that is exactly what they are putting in our water. And many many people are having allergic reactions to it. Many people are running around thinking they have eczema and other skin problems when really what they are having is an allergic reaction to their water.

What are the effects of chloramine?

woman washing hair

When we shower in chloramine, we absorb as much chloramine in a 10-minute shower as we do by drinking eight glasses of water! This toxic substance enters our bloodstream. And it's job is to kill bacteria and it doesn't decipher between good or bad. So it is killing our good healthy flora. This is one of the biggest reasons that our guts are getting thrown out of balance and we always need probiotics.

Also in a hot shower, the toxic chloramine turns back into a gas ( steam), and we breathe it in. Breathing this in, damages lung mucosa and for many this causes asthma, allergies, and a weakened immune system.

People with kidney, liver or blood problems definitely should not be showering in water with chloramine because they are at increased risk for ammonia toxicity. Here is more info on the effects of chloramine.

What else is in our water besides chloramine?

Well, we have pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, fluoride, Perchlorate,  pesticides, herbicide, fertilizers and arsenic, MTBE and several hundred other chemicals. Several that cause issues with thyroid and many other problems.  Here is a list of chemical substances required by EPA to be tested for and how much of each one is allowed in with known implications. 

It is important to know that boiling water does not get this out and neither a fridge filter doesn't either. You need either a reverse osmosis drinking system or an alkaline water system that has a filtration device that gets this out.  I have both but if I had to choose I would go with the alkaline.

My opinion is that everyone  ​on city water should have a whole house carbon filter to remove this toxic chloramine from their water throughout their entire home. If someone lives in an apartment  or can't afford a whole house carbon filter then there are shower filters  available,that are the next best thing. Also, everyone needs a safe drinking water system. Either reverse osmosis or my preference an alkaline system.

In addition to all of the toxins in our water. Many of us suffer from hard water. Now hard water isn't as bothersome to our health as chloramine it's just a pain in the rump.

             Effects of hard water

Reeks havoc on our hair

bad hair day

Ruins our Clothes

faded clothes

soap scum

soap scum

Dry skin especially feet

cracked heals

Spotted Dishes

spotted dishes

Clogged plumbing

clogged pipe from hard water

Tears up our appliances

clogged shower head from hard water

effects everything it touches

hard water stains on granite

While I feel that a whole house water carbon filter to remove chloramine along with a high- quality drinking system is a must and a top priority. I feel that a water softener is a luxury that makes life easier. And if you have hard water it's also probably one of those things that will pay for itself. Because hard water breaks so many things, we end up spending the money to replace items that wouldn't have to be replaced if it wasn't for the hard water.

I have had my whole house water filtration system now for a couple of years, and honestly, I can't imagine ever being without it. I have an in and out carbon to remove chloramines and contaminates as well as a water softener, and I went with a softener that uses salt because I felt like it produced the best quality water. I have a reverse osmosis drinking system in my kitchen that I use for cooking and for tea, and coffee and an alkaline drinking system in my bar area, which is my primary drinking system.  It has made a huge difference! It is night and day showering in good clean water vs. regular tap water. My hair is shinier, my skin is softer even my heels are nice and smooth, my clothes last longer, my whites stay bright white, I don't get soap scum in my shower, in fact the whole house is easier to clean and it has significantly reduced the amount of detergents,  fabric softeners, soaps , shampoos, conditioners, and lotions that I need.

    So where can you get a whole house system?

  Well to get the best quality system for the least amount of money, you can go to Pelican and purchase a system and either install it yourself or hire a local plumber to install it for you. Or you can do a google search for your area. You can call your local Culligan .I have found though that Pelican has the best quality for the least amount of money, so they are a great place to start.

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