If you have never had homemade yogurt then you haven't had real yogurt

When it comes to yogurt, the store bought does not even compare to real homemade yogurt, in taste or the amount of beneficial probiotics, it isn't even in the same ballpark! Yogurt is super simple to make, if you can boil milk, then you can make yogurt.

                 What all can you do with yogurt?


Yogurt makes amazing marinades, dips, sauces, deserts, and all so makes a wonderful facial mask!

                      Items needed to make it

Organic milk and organic half and half

Yogurt starter

Yogurt maker

Cooking thermometer

Now there are many different yogurt makers, and here you can see a full selection, and here is also a full selection of starters. I went with the bucket style maker over the jars because I like to keep things simple. And I mostly make plain yogurt because it is more versatile. I do eat yogurt with some fruit, and my husband who has a sweet tooth likes to add in some honey or fruit preserves, but I prefer to make mine plain so that I can use it to make dips, sauces and use it as a marinade.  I have tried several different starters, but this one is by far the best I have tried.

You want to use organic milk. I use 1 qt whole milk and 1 qt half and half. Sometimes I make a vanilla yogurt, and then I use 2 qts of half and half and it is better than ice cream!

                                How to make Yogurt

1. Take your two qts of milk, put in a pan and put on low heat until it reaches 180F maintain temperature for 5 min do not boil.

2. Let the milk cool down to to 108F or a little below

3. get your starter if you are using the Natren Yogurt Starter you will need 2 level teaspoons , if you are using something else then follow the instruction on the package.  Take the powder and put it in a small bowl, with a big spoon dip out some of the warm milk, put it in the bowl with the powder and dissolve the powder real good before adding it into the pot of warm milk ( if you don't do this it clumps up in the pot and it's hard to mix up).  Stir the pot real good, then pour into your yogurt maker. Follow the instructions of the yogurt maker. Mine just has me put in a little water into the main bucket then put in my little second bucket of my warm milk and plug it in. I do this at night and wake up in the morning and have amazing yogurt! Super simple!

​To make a vanilla yogurt , while the milk is still real warm , add in some coconut sugar or some honey and after you mix in the starter add in some vanilla.

*** If you use the Natren Yogurt starter, you do not have to use the powder every time, instead you can take a cup of your already made yogurt and mix that in with your warmed milk to make a fresh batch - you can do that 2-3 times before needing to start a brand new batch with the powder.

    Here are some of the best yogurt recipe books I have found

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yougurt recipee book


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