Mmmmm Kombucha

If you have never tried kombucha, then you are in for a treat! I love Kombucha! It is so healthy, fizzy and delicious. It is like a super healthy soda pop. If you have been buying bottled kombucha at your health food store and paying $4 a bottle for it, then your in for a treat as well, because it is super easy to make and just like anything else, it is better homemade.

For best results you want to drink kombucha daily.

Benefits of kombucha

Helps with weight loss

Loaded with probiotics

Low calorie

Relieves constipation

Helps with inflammation

Has lots of vitamins and minerals

low carb

increases energy

Helps Heal the gut

Detoxifies the liver

gives you pretty skin 

Helps with arthritis

What is kombucha & what  does it taste like?

 kombucha is a fermented black tea made with a SCOBY, and the flavor of kombucha is hard to describe because the taste depends a lot on how you make your concoction. Kombucha can be infused with all sorts of fruit, herbs, and spices, but the underlying flavor is slightly sweet while at the same time, slightly tart and very fizzy, more so than a soft drink. In fact this is a great way for people who are addicted to soft drinks to switch over to a healthier solution.

Items you will need to make  Kombucha.



Filtered water

A large pot

A gallon Jar


organic sugar

Easy cap bottles

***  You can use any kind of tea you want. I recommend experimenting with it, each tea will give it a different flavor. You can use green tea bags, black tea bags or any kind of loose leaf tea.  I do all sorts of different kinds  but my preference is a loose  leaf tea because it gives the finished product much more flavor. My favorite tea to use is Yerba Mate because I love the flavor and it also has many medicinal quality's it helps you loose weight, increases energy , is loaded with antioxidants and increases mental clarity.  I use this  loose leaf tea and put it in this tea infuser.  lots of times I will also throw in a couple of bags of St. Johns Wort tea bags, because St. Johns Wort is know to help create a good mood and more relaxed emotional state - and who doesn't need that? lol

How to make Kombucha

First fermentation

1.Take a large pot of water that holds a gallon or more and bring to a boil

2. Turn off the burner but leave the pot on the burner and add in your tea bags or tea infuser loaded with tea

3. Add in one cup of sugar and stir to make sure it dissolves.

4. let it sit for about an hour to cool off to room temperature

5. Remove tea infuser and pour the tea into your gallon jar

6. Put in your scoby then put either a piece of cheesecloth on top or a coffee filter, then place a rubber band around the top to hold it place, just to keep any fly's or insects out

Put in a cool dark place where it won't be disturbed and leave it for about a week.

After a week you can go ahead and bottle up your Kombucha in individual bottles and let them sit on the counter for a day before putting them in the fridge, putting it in the flip top bottles will make it get fizzy and will continue to get more fizzy in the fridge, this will give you just a plain Kombucha that tastes excellent. Now at this point, your SCOBY ( mother) will have made another SCOBY, called a baby SCOBY. You can give the baby SCOBY away or now make two batches at a time or you can create a SCOBY bank, because each time you make a batch of Kombucha you will get another baby SCOBY, so I find it useful to have a SCOBY bank, also if you want to take a break from making Kombucha you can just put your SCOBY in the SCOBY bank until you get ready to make some more . To create a SCOBY bank all you do is repeat the process above but add 2 cups of sugar and put your SCOBY in it and you can keep adding in your other scobys and they will keep 6-8 weeks, in 6-8 weeks you will just need to pour off some liquid and add in another cup or two of sugar water. Simply boil one or two cups of water and dissolve one or two cups of sugar, let cool and then add to your SCOBY bank and you're good for another 6-8 wks.

How to Flavor your Kombucha

If you want to flavor your Komucha then you will have a second fermentation

The flavors and the ways to flavor Kombucha are unlimited  a book that has tons of good recipes is The Big Book of Kombucha: Brewing, Flavoring, and Enjoying the Health Benefits of Fermented Tea

You can add ginger, tumeric, herbs or fruit. You can use whole fruit or fruit juices but if you use juices you want them to be fresh squeezed not pre-made off the shelf.  You can do the same flavor with your whole gallon (easiest) or flavor each bottle individually.

For simplicity lets say we are just going to flavor the entire batch.  And we are going to use fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, orange juice and turmeric.

1. Remove the scoby.

2. Pour one or two bottles of your Kombucha into your flip top bottles to have some plain Kombucha and to make room in your gallon jar.

3. Pour in 1-3 cups of your juice and cut up a couple of pieces of your turmeric put them in the jar.

4. this time  PUT THE LID on the jar. and put in a nice cool dark place for 1-2 days

5. Get a huge gallon pitcher or a bowl (picture is easier) and some cheesecloth and pour the tea through the cheesecloth to strain it really good.

6. Then pour into the flip top bottles and put in the fridge.

Flavoring is just a matter of preference. I prefer my kombucha plain but experiment and see what you like. If you use frozen or fresh fruit you want to muddle it in order to get the most flavor.

Very Important! When you open your bottle of Kombucha do it over the sink, pointing away from your face and slowly let off the pressure I can not stress this enough - this stuff gets extremely fizzy!

Here is my favorite Kombucha recipe book! It has tons of recipes not only for Kombucha but also recipes for salad dressings and marinades using your homemade brew.

kombucha recipe book

                             You can get it here


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