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There is no place like home

Whether you have the house of your dreams or live in an apartment, RV or a shack. If you are residing in a house where you always plan to live, or even if you're in a temporary fix. Home is where you park it and where you live.

Home is where we go to recharge our batteries and where we spend time with friends and family

It is important to create a space that feels good and resonates with our vibe. The world today is so busy. Everything moves so fast, and we are constantly on the go. Our down time at home is where we chill and re-charge. If our space is a total a mess and in disarray then it makes us not want to go home or worse yet when we get there, we look around at the mess and feel overwhelmed, and don't get the recharge that we need, in fact, it drains us even more. Our house is a reflection of our lives. If our house is a mess, our life is a mess.

When we keep our homes nice and tidy, get rid of clutter and decorate our homes with things we enjoy being surrounded by. That is when the magic begins to happen. When our homes are clean and organized, our lives become more organized. When we get rid of clutter, it makes room for better things to enter our lives.


When we get rid of all the old furniture, dishes, clutter, and clothes that don't suit us anymore and start replacing it with pieces that we love that is when our home becomes our little palace. That is when we not only feel re-charged from being at home but look around our home and feel like a total Diva! And our hearts get filled with gratitude, and we feel fortunate and grateful. And it lights us up from the inside out.

Empty Pockets

Now I know some of you are saying yeah Amiee that sounds great, but I'm broke right now and don't have the money to replace anything. And I get that. However, you can still make things better and the better you make your home, the more prosperous your life will become.

​          How to bring Good energy into your home

Step 1. Clean out all closets and drawers and get rid of everything that you don't use anymore and donate it to charity, even decor, if you don't love it get rid of it. ( this alone does marvelous things for the psyche ). Organize everything that is left. Everything should have its place. Organize your closet; however, it suits you. I prefer to color coordinate everything - all white tops together, then black, purple, etc. but whatever works for you. But once you get everything organized, keep it that way. It's amazing how much time you save not having to look for stuff because everything has its place. Also getting rid of clutter makes room for new stuff and sends a signal to the universe that you are ready to receive.

Step 2. Either hire someone to come clean the house for you or you do it yourself.If you have a family, get everyone to participate. But you need a deep cleaning. Clean out the fridge, oven, microwave, window seals, ceiling fans, dust all the furniture, sweep mop and vacuum the floors, clean the bathrooms all the windows, mirrors, baseboards, do the laundry wash all the sheets and blankets in the house, vacuum the drapes and dust the blinds. Clean the house from top to bottom. While you are doing this, enjoy the process. Have some relaxing music playing. Have some essential oils going in a diffuser or some candles going. And think to yourself out with old in with the new. After you get finished with the cleaning treat yourself to a nice hot bath and maybe even a glass of wine before climbing into those nice clean sheets. Once you get the house all spick and span, keep it that way. If everyone picks up after themselves and puts things where they go, it keeps everything tidy. Then you either have a housekeeper come in once a week or once a week you sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, do the laundry, clean out the fridge and wash the sheets, clean the bathrooms. But now it is a light cleaning and doesn't take that long. Simply having a clean house makes you enjoy home more. Being able to go into your closet and find what you're looking for, saves aggravation. Getting rid of clutter that is collecting dust, gets rid of a lot of allergies and makes you feel better. Always having clean sheets helps you sleep better and feel more energized throughout the day.

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Step 3 Take pride in your home. How does your yard look? If you live in a house and your yard isn't already landscaped then add some flowers and keep your lawn looking beautiful and manicured. It is refreshing to pull into the driveway after a long day when you can be proud of how your house looks. Add wind chimes out front of the home these bring tons of good energy. If you live in an apartment, you can spruce up your patio. But take pride in the exterior as well as the interior. Have a spot that you can enjoy sitting outside. Whether it is the backyard, front porch, patio somewhere where you can sit outside and get some fresh air and enjoy looking up at the stars and sky. Have wind chimes, bird feeders, pots of flowers, water fountains, and a chiminea. Fill your space with things that you enjoy. Not only does this help recharge you. It shows the Universe that you are grateful for what you have. The more grateful you are for what you have, the more you will receive.

Step 4 Add some live plants to your house. Ivy's do really well inside, and so does bamboo. Not only do they help clean the air - they breathe life into your surroundings

house plants

Step 5 Make sure you are cooking at home several nights a week. Not only is home cooked food better for our health. Smelling food cooking in the house makes it feel more like home. It's hard to beat throwing something in the crockpot in the morning and coming home to the aroma of a home cooked meal filling up the entire house after a long hard day. Talk about filling your heart full of gratitude.

chopping vegtables

Step 6 Start to redecorate your home as you can. New furniture, new decor. But only buy things that are good quality that you LOVE. Don't purchase something because it is on sale; it's always a waste of money. If you don't love it don't buy it. It wasn't meant for you. ​And eventually, your home will be filled with nothing but things that you adore and will be a reflection of your own creativity. And when you buy things that you love then you don't get tired of them and want to replace them. And your home becomes your palace and it takes only a tiny bit of time there to keep you fully recharged. And if you move to a new location, the things that you love will always have a place, and it will always feel like home.

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