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  Health is Wealth

Ask any person who is lying on their death bed, if given a choice of a healthy body or a million bucks which one they would choose. All of them, of course, would want the healthy body. Without our health, nothing else matters. Life isn't near as much fun when we don't feel good nor are we as productive as we could be. And because of that, I believe our health has to be a top priority.

it starts with you

Unfortunately, in today's world, we live in a very toxic environment. Chemicals surround us, and they are everywhere. In our air, water and food.The majority of the chemicals are odorless, tasteless and colorless, so we do not notice them, but our bodies do. They play havoc on our system, with our guts and liver taking the brunt of it. When our guts are out of whack, we do not absorb nutrients the way we need to, and we end up malnourished lacking vital nutrients that our body needs to repair itself and to function properly. Also when we are missing enzymes and nutrients, it throws our hormones out of balance which in turn throws everything else out of balance. It is a vicious cycle. To make matters worse we have Doctors who are "specialist" we have a Dr. for kidneys, one for the heart,one for liver and so on and so forth and they are so busy trying to " patch" things up and put a band-aid on the issue versus trying to figure out what caused the problem to begin with so instead of getting well we keep getting worse. Our bodies are made up of parts, but they function as a whole. If one part is out of balance everything is out of balance if we heal the body we heal the parts.

​   Steps to getting healthy fast

reduce toxins

Ok so how do we heal ourself? Here are the steps below. The more of these you follow, the better the results will be.With that being said - getting started is the most important part, get started where you can and keep adding.

1st stepRemove toxins from your home. This includes candles and plug-ins that have artificial fragrance, get a whole house water filtration system that removes chloramines, replace all skin care with either homemade skin care or all natural organic. Replace all of your toxic cleaning supplies with all natural products. Air fresheners are extremely toxic replace them with essential oil diffusers or use amber resin in warmers.

2nd step. Clean out the pantry and freezer Get rid of anything that is in a packaged box or a bag. Crackers, cereal, chips, hot pockets, etc. I do not care who makes it. If it says gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, it is junk, and it is part of the problem! There should be very few can goods even. The reason being is that almost everything that comes in a can or a box is filled with chemicals and sugar. Also, canned goods and packaged goods are full of preservatives,( aka chemicals) that is what gives them a long shelf life. In fact, the pantry should have very little "food," meaning stuff that is in a form that can be readily eaten. It should primarily be raw materials to make "food" you want it filled with things like spices, herbs, healthy oils, coconut flour, almond flour, nuts, natural peanut butter, coconut sugar, etc...

 3rd. Get completely off of gluten. This is going to be anything that has flour, wheat, barley or rye. The majority of people are sensitive to gluten, and this creates tons of issues with our digestive system. It takes ten days for gluten to completely get out of our system so cutting back or just having a little cheat here and there does not work. You have to get off of it completely to see results. The reason we have problems with gluten today when we didn't years ago, is because before we had over 80 strands of wheat, but over the years they have engineered us down to five strands and these have a much higher gluten content. In other words, they have jacked with our food. Not to mention that most wheat is also now GMO, genetically modified. You can still make bread using coconut flour or almond flour. Also, homemade sourdough bread can be reintroduced later on after the body has had time to heal because the fermenting process removes a significant portion of the gluten.

 4 th. Cook at home. Make dining out the exception. Not the rule. Freeze leftovers in individual containers so that you always have something homemade on hand. Plan ahead and always have something that can be quickly thrown together. Utilize the crock pot.

cook at home

5Th Eat only whole foods. Meats, fruits, and vegetables.Get good healthy fats from real butter and oils like coconut, olive and avocado oil. Use a lot of meats that have the bone still in - like cook a roast with the bone in or when making chicken soup cook the whole chicken not just boneless skinless chicken breast. Cooking meat with the bones in is very healing for us and full of collagen that our body needs. Not to mention it taste much better. It is also great to make your bone broths and either drink them by them self or cook with them in soups and stews. They are very healing for the gut.


 6th Try to buy only organic food. And stay away from GMO. Fruits and vegetables that are not organic do not have the same amount of nutrients.

 7th Buy local if you can. A local farmers market is the best place to find good quality fruits and vegetables. The closer they are grown to you, the better for you they are.There are also lots of local co-ops that are a great place to find quality meats, farm fresh eggs, fruits, and vegetables. The prices tend to be better, and the food is better for you. And you get to support local farmers. Just google co-ops near your town. And it should pull some up. Most of them let you go to a website to place your order and then have pick up stations where you go and pick up.

8th Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, ionized alkaline is best. If not alkaline then filtered water from reverse osmosis.

9th Get at least 45 minutes of fresh air and sunshine a day.

10th Move your body. Get at least 30 min of exercise a day. Walking, yoga, lifting weights , dancing- whatever floats your boat - but something that gets your heart rate up.

11th Have at least one good belly laugh a day. Spend at least 20 minutes a day reading, learning something new or listening to something motivational.

12th Do several cleanses a year. Ideally should have a colon cleanse, liver cleanse​ and a couple of juice fast a year.

13th Add fresh squeezed vegetable juices into your weekly menu

14th Meditate daily for at least 15 min. Meditation is simply clearing the mind focusing on the breath or being in the moment not thinking about anything. Ironically this is where your best insights will come from.

15th  Just because this is far down on the list, it's one of the most important, take supplements. Good quality vitamins. They need to be food based. Nothing synthetic.

16th Communicate and deal with your emotions. Being bitter, angry and resentful causes blocked energy in our body and festers into health issues. Have an attitude of gratitude - a positive mindset goes a mighty long way.

17th Integrate fermented foods into your diet. Such as kimchi,homemade yogurt, sauerkraut,kombucha and kefir. These are full of probiotics.

18th Eat a salad with every meal and eat it first. Raw vegetables are full of enzymes and they help digest the food. Make your own homemade salad dressings, they taste better and are easy to make and much healthier. If you don't buy organic vegetables you want to do a vegetable soak to remove pesticides.  Fill up one side of the sink with cool water add about 1/4 cup of baking soda and the juice of one lemon and let all of your vegetables soak for about 15 min. Then rinse and let them drain on some paper towels before storing in the fridge.

Here are some of my references as well as books I highly recommend

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