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Every woman wants to look beautiful.

Is it vain to want to look your best? I don't think so. I think when you feel beautiful, cute or sexy you are in a better mood and when you're in a better mood life just flows easier.

I love going to the salon or spa and having beauty treatments done, but they get expensive. So over the last couple of years, I have invested in some of my own beauty equipment and gadgets that I  could use myself at home.  Now many things that I ordered, I ended up sending back because they didn't work the way they said they would. So I am only sharing with you the products that I kept that work! Yes I do own every single one of these so don't laugh lol

                 At home beauty treatments that work


carole maggio facercise

This also comes in a book . See More 

Facial flex


ones and tightens the chin. See more here

Nuskin redesign body

Nu skin redesign body

This is used to reduce cellulite check it out

          reduce pore size  see more 

     Bio-ultimate Facial Skin Spa Salon Galvanic

non surgical face lift

 stimulate  the lymphatic system  read more

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