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The right tools in the kitchen make cooking easier & Faster

Whether you are a foodie who loves to cook or a busy Mom who only cooks because you have to, the right tools in the kitchen make life easier and help our food turn out better.

Here are some kitchen utensils that every cook should have.

These are all the ones that I own. When I was younger I would always buy whatever appliance was on sale or the cheapest, I would never really be happy with it and then end up replacing it down the road. As I got older I adopted the belief that quality is always less expensive in the long run , that I'd rather pay more upfront and only have to make the purchase once. And if I don't love it then I'm not buying it or keeping it. Of course, there are plenty other quality brands out there but I did a lot of research before making each one of these purchases, and I have been very very happy with each one. I did not always go with the most expensive, mostly went based off of reviews, warranty, and functions.

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