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            Clean Eating

So what is clean eating? Clean eating is taking out all gluten, sugar, grains and processed foods. Eating meats, eggs,  fresh fruits and veggies.

                                         Clean eating should become a lifestyle

meat and salad
meat and veggie
chicken legs

Clean eating is not a diet- it is a lifestyle.  Eating clean does not mean that we don't occasionally have Mexican food,  pizza, chips or what not - it just means that REAL food is the norm and "junk" food is the exception.

                            Clean eating for optimum health and weight loss

We take out all gluten, sugar, grains and processed foods. We replace the white flour with Coconut flour and Almond Flour and replace white sugar with Coconut sugar.  We remove all processed foods as well as can foods and we cook "real" whole foods, such as meats , eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables. Preferably organic non GMO. We replace our unhealthy oils with healthy oils like coconut oil,  olive oil and real butter.

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