Natural homemade Recipes for face washes

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 Face wash recipes for morning and night

Our skin is constantly excreting waste and shedding dead skin cells, this makes it imperative to wash our face daily, best practice is twice a day, especially if we wear make up because if we don't it can lead to clogged enlarged pores, black heads, acne and pre- mature aging.  All we need is a gentle cleanser made for our skin type.

We will be using a lot of essential oils in our skincare my favorite ones to use are from Plant Therapy. I have been using essential oils now for about 30 years and I have tried many different brands over the years. When it comes to oils there is a huge difference in quality, you want to make sure that you get 100% pure. I have tried Doterra, young living etc.. both of those are good brands, however Plant Therapy is just as good and at a fraction of the price! Now there are times that I want a certain oil that Plant therapy does not carry and in that instance I usually go with Doterra or YL but I always check Plant Therapy  first because of the affordability - I use tons of oils and I simply could not afford to use the amount I do if it wasn't for Plant Therapy.

                Face wash  recipe for normal skin

8 ounces of unscented  liquid Castile soap

1 cup filtered water

1 teaspoon jojoba oil

10 drops geranium oil

10 drops of neroili oil - or lavender oil

mix all ingredients into a bowl - mix well and then pour into a squeeze bottle - stays good for about 1 year. This recipe can be adjusted for oilier skin use a little less water for dryer skin use a little less Castile soap.

      Recipe for basic cold cream and makeup remover

1Tablespoon of jojoba oil

7 Tablespoons of coconut oil

10 drops of either lavender or chamomile oil

In a sauce pan over low heat  or in a double boiler,  warm the jojoba oil and coconut oil until they are all melted together - pour into a storage jar- let cool about 5-10 minutes and then add the lavender or chamomile oil. Should be used in 6-12 months.

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