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          I love to cook!

I love to cook! It's hard to think of anything that I like better than preparing a nice meal and having friends over for dinner to play games and visit. 

I also love trying new recipes. I am always trying some new Greek, Asian, Indian or Moroccan dish and of course, I'm married to a good ole' country boy who would much rather us just grill out a steak or smoke out some ribs lol and of course we do quite a bit of that too!


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Now I recommend and primarily eat a Paleo diet, now with that being said, I  kind of bounce back and forth between low carb and Paleo but anything that you cook at home that is made from real food is going to be way healthier than going out to eat or grabbing something pre- packaged.  I do not focus on perfection just steady improvement and enjoying the process.

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